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Ranganayaki Ammal Charity Trust

Ranganayaki Ammal Charity Trust

Right from the beginning, the charities followed an unique approach to serve the community. It's main motto is to serve the needy. It provides high quality management at free of cost to the people below the poverty line. This helps in equal distribution of medical facilities to the rich and poor. As the proverb "Prevention is better than cure".

GRN HOSPITAL is committed to provide best medical and surgical facility since 2013 for Women’s Healthcare, Fertility and Maternity, Type I & II Diabetes Mellitus, Gestational (Pregnancy related) diabetes. The hospital equipped with Advanced Surgical Care center.

GRN Diabetic Centre's main aim is to prevent the diabetic complications and provide the diabetics a better quality of life. Dr. Gogularamanan's is specially interested n preventing the cardiac and renal complication associated diabetes. Thus he is reducing the number of diabetes needing CABG, dialysis thus reducing the cost of diabetes management.